Men’s 2016/2017 fixtures





Men’s League Championship Fours and Triples teams to be selected by the men’s selection committee.

The Novice and Veterans to be played – TBA.


Scroungers are played Friday unless specified below, when it will be played on Wednesday if available

Names to club by 12.30pm.  Play starts at 1.00pm


Sat 10th    
Sun 11th Mixed pop stick draw 12.30pm
Tue 13th Pennant trials 1.00pm
Sat 17th Pennants trials 1.00pm
Sun 18th CLUB OPENING DAY 10.00 AM
  Sponsor William Barrett & Sons  
Tue 20th Pennant trials 12.30pm
Sat  24th Pennants trials 12.30pm
Sun 25th League opening day 10.00am
Sun 25th Mixed Handicap Pairs 10.00am
Tues 27th Pennant trials 12.30pm
Sat 1st AFL grand final (see board)  
Sun 2nd East v West Sponsor Mr B  Mufti 12.30pm
Tue 4th Pennant trials 12.30pm
Sat 8th Pennant trials at Capel 12.30pm
Sun 9th Mixed 4s drawn and graded 12.30pm
Tue 11th Pennant trial Duns visit 12.30pm
Thur 13th Ladies  
Sat 15th Pennant trials 12.30pm
Sun 16th Mixed 4s continued 10.00am
Tue 18th Round 1 men’s pennants  
Sat 22nd Round 1 men’s pennants  
Sun 23rd AGM at 10am followed by free sausage sizzle before Patrons day 10.00am
Sun 23rd Patrons Mixed day (names by 12noon  (Mufti) 12.30pm
Tue 25th Pennants (Bankers at Bsn) 12.30pm
Sat 29th Pennants  
Sun 30th 2 Bowls Singles 9.30am


Tue  1st Melbourne Cup Social Day  
Sat  5th Pennants  
Sun 6th Men’s 4s Championship Sides

Will draw & then be graded

Tue  8th Pennants (Bankers at Duns)  
Sat 12th Pennants  
Sun 13th Men’s 4s Cont. 9.45am
Tue 15th Pennant (Bankers at Duns) 12.30pm
Fri   18th Men’s Open Pairs (nominated) 9.30am
Sat  19th Pennant (away)  
Sat 19th Ladies classic  
Sun  20th Ladies classic  
Tue 22nd Pennants (Bankers at Bsn) 12.30
Sat 26th Pennants  
Sun 27th Men’s pairs championship nominated 9.45am
Tue 29th Pennants (Bankers at Duns)  
Sat  3rd Pennants  
Sun 4th Men’s pairs cont. 9.45am
Tue 6th Pennants (Bankers at Bsn)  
Sat 10th Pennants  
Sun 11th Men’s nominated fours 9.00am
Tue 13th Pennants (Bankers at Duns)  
Sat 17th Pennants  
Sun 18th Mixed BBQ Fours nominated see board for details 10.00am
Tue 20th Pennants (Bankers at Bsn)  
Mon 26th Men’s nominated & handicapped pairs 9.30am
Sat 31st Welcome Pairs  
Sun  1st Busselton 1000 9.30am
Mon 2nd Busselton 1000 9.30am
Sat   7th Mixed 3’s championship 1.00pm
Sun  8th Mixed 3’s cont. 1.00pm
7th & 8th ILRR  
Tue 10th Pennants (Bankers)  
Wed 11th Mixed open pairs 9.30am
Sat    14th Pennants  
Sun   15th Men’s 3’s cont. Sides will be drawn & graded 9.30am
Tue 17th Pennant (Bankers)  
Sat 21st Men’s nominated pairs (State singles) 12.30pm
Sun 22nd Mixed draw (State singles) 9.30am
Tue 24th Pennants (Bankers)  
Thur 26th Australia Day mixed breakfast  BYO lunch see board 8.00am
Sat 28th Pennants  
Sun 29th Men’s 3’s cont. 9.30am
Sat   4th Mixed 2’s championship 9.30am
Sun  5th Mixed 2’s cont. 9.30am
Sat & Sun IZLL  
Tue  7th Bankers 12.30pm
Sat 11th Pennants  
Sun 12th Men’s singles championships 9.30am
Tue 14th Pennant (Bankers)  
Fri  17th Men’s Open Pairs 9.30
Sat 18th Pennants  
Sun 19th Men’s singles cont. 9.30am
Tue 21st QF Pennants  (Bankers) 12.30pm
Sat 25th Pennants  
Sun 26th Men’s singles final 1.00PM
Fri 3rd to Men’s country week  
Fri 10th “         “             “  
Sat 11th Men’s pairs 1.00pm
Sun 12th QF PENNANTS 8.30am
Tue 14th Bankers  
Sun 19th Bring a friend (see board)  
Tue 21st Bankers 1.00pm
Sat 25th Men’s triples 12.30pm
Sun 26th Any gender pairs 1.00pm
Tue 28th Men’s cash pairs 1.00pm
Sat  1st Mens pairs (Trevors Carpet Duns)  
Sun  2nd Mixed draw (see board)  
Tue  4th Cash pairs 1.00pm
Sat   8th League championships  
Sun  9th League championships  
Tue 11th Cash pair drawn 1.00pm
Sat 15th Cash pairs 1.00pm
Sun 16th Any gender pairs 1.00pm
Mon 17th Toyota Classic 9.30am
Tue 18th Toyota Classic 9.30am
Sat 22nd Albies Triples  See board  
Sun 23rd Mixed drawn pairs 1.00pm
Tue 25th Anzac day Cash pairs 1.00pm
Sun 30th CLOSING DAY 12.30pm


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