Mens Division 1 Saturday Pennants 2018/19



27 Oct Eaton Blue v Bsn Black
Rnd 1 Collie v Bunbury
Brunswick v Eaton Gold
Bsn Red v Binningup

3 Nov Bsn Black v Collie
Rnd 2 Binningup v Eaton Blue
Eaton Gold v Bsn Red
Bunbury v Brunswick

10 Nov Brunswick v Binningup
Rnd 3 Eaton Blue v Bunbury
Collie v Eaton Gold
Bsn Red v Bsn Black

17 Nov Collie v Eaton Blue
Rnd 4 Bunbury v Bsn Red
Brunswick v Bsn Black
Eaton Gold v Binningup

24 Nov Eaton Blue v Eaton Gold
Rnd 5 Binningup v Collie
Bsn Red v Brunswick
Bsn Black v Bunbury

1 Dec Brunswick v Eaton Blue
Rnd 6 Bsn Red v Collie
Binningup v Bunbury
Eaton Gold v Bsn Black

8 Dec Eaton Blue v Bsn Red
Rnd 7 Collie v Brunswick
Bunbury v Eaton Gold
Bsn Black v Binningup

15 Dec Bsn Black v Eaton Blue
Rnd 8 Bunbury v Collie
Eaton Gold v Brunswick
Binningup v Bsn Red

22 Dec Collie v Bsn Black
Rnd 9 Eaton Blue v Binningup
Bsn Red v Eaton Gold
Brunswick v Bunbury

9 Feb/19 Binningup v Brunswick
Rnd 10 Bunbury v Eaton Blue
Eaton Gold v Collie
Bsn Black v Bsn Red

16 Feb Eaton Blue v Collie
Rnd 11 Bsn Red v Bunbury
Bsn Black v Brunswick
Binningp v Eaton Gold

23 Feb Eaton Gold v Eaton Blue
Rnd 12 Collie v Binningup
Brunswick v Bsn Red
Bunbury v Bsn Black


9 Mar Eaton Blue v Brunswick
Rnd 13 Collie v Bsn Red
Bunbury v Binningup
Bsn Black v Eaton Gold

16 Mar Bsn Red v Eaton Blue
Rnd 14 Brunswick v Collie
Eaton Gold v Bunbury
Binningup v Bsn Black


Qtr Final (a) 1v2; (b) 3v4; 9am 24 March 2019
Semi-Final Loser (a) v Winner (b); 1.30pm 24 March 2019
Final: Winner (a) v Winner of Semi-Final for Pennant and
Promotion; 1.30pm 30 March 2019

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